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You are probably asking yourself, "What can I sell?" If you are anything like we are at Drop N Run, then you probably have a garage or a storage unit full of hidden treasures.

You know the stuff that you have not seen in years, but cannot seem to part with or maybe you had a garage sale and got rained out. Well, it is time to clear out the house and stop dumping money into a storage unit.

Your item should have an estimated eBay value of at least $35. You are probably asking yourself, "I do not know what it is worth?" No problem, call us or bring it in and we'll research it for you.

It must be legal to sell on eBay. To find out more what on what is restricted and prohibited. Click the link below.


If you still are unsure, please contact us at sales@dropnrun.com or call us at 407-539-1200. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have listed a few of the items that Drop N Run can sell for you.

• Antiques
• Art
• Books and Printed Material
• Cameras
• Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
• Coins and Stamps
• Collectibles
• Computers and Electronics
• Furniture
• Home Decor, Housewares
• Jewelry & Watches
• Media (CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.)
• Musical Instruments
• Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
• Toys, Games, Dolls, and Bears
• Vehicles Parts and Accessories

Like with any item sold on eBay there are many factors that can affect the selling price. We have listed just a few below.

Popularity - How popular is the Manufacture or Maker of your item?
Collectible - Is your item a "one of a kind" or part of a collection?
Markings - whether the item has a maker's mark or comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
Age - How old is your item?
Material - What type of material is your item?
Item condition - the condition of the item is very important (Has it been used?, Is it free from scratches or cracks?)
Packaging - Is your item in its original packaging? ( This is especially important and will increase the amount that you get for your item.)
Accessories - Does your item have all the accessories (cords, cables, cases, etc). This is also very import and will help your item bring more money at auction.

What are you waiting for? Drop off your items at our Altamonte Springs store, we'd love to take a look at your treasures!

**Keep in mind these are just guidelines. Drop N Run has the right to turn away any item.**

Do you have a question and need an answer? Use our Live Chat. Chat is available from the hours of 9am to 6pm EST. Feel free to email us anytime at sales@dropnrun.com
We sell to the world and not just an individual buyer.
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